Our Story

The Future Skills Company is the work of a journalist, content creator and educator, whose heart has always been in teaching and training.

The style of teaching has evolved in our schools, yet few are making an effort to make learning a foundational experience. The ideas where students are encouraged to inquire, explore and express are not induced in the system.

Hence, a project that could empower the Gen-Next with skills that will help them follow their hearts and excel in life came into being.

Our methods were validated by working with schools and educators that are trying to innovate the process of learning. The framework that developed became the base for The Future Skills Company.

Our Team

Shweta Bhandral

Shweta is a journalist, trainer, and educator with over 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. She was the founding team member of two National News channels, Star-News in 2003, CNBC Awaaz in 2005 and a regional news channel, CNBC Bajar. She built broadcast media teams and produced various TV shows for national television.

In her entrepreneurial journey, she founded The Future Skills Company and does news verification workshops in partnership with Google, teaches journalism to postgraduate students and conducts innovative sessions in schools that combine journalistic skills, theatre, and public speaking.

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Subhi Malhotra

An entrepreneur and an educator who has always believed in learning and exploring new paths. After completing her Bachelor’s in Science from Delhi University she went on to do a diploma in travel and tourism management. Launched her own travel agency and after spending almost a decade as an entrepreneur she decided to explore teaching.

The Aarambh School has widened her perspective on education. In the last four years, she has become a trained educator who excels in concepts like functional learning and growth mindset. Constantly looking for a better way to reach to her students.


Deepti Menon

With 18 years of experience in school transformation, socio-emotional and employability skills Deepti Menon believes that the most critical skills children need to have today is the skill of critical thinking and reflection. She has worked closely with government education officials as well as with private school in the area of curriculum development and teacher empowerment. She has a rich experience of working with schools across 11 states. 

Her work with leading NGOs like Pravah and Learning Links has helped her understand how we all need to make our children ready to meet the challenges of the global world. Deepti believes in our program of journalism club and thinks that it can bring about the next level of change by introducing the necessary skills of critical reflection among children.

Hemani Kashikar

Hemani is a communications expert with over 25 years of experience in understanding requirements and designing innovative solutions for projects, internal and external agenda-based campaigns, and employee engagement. 

She has spent the last 5 years understanding and supporting school communications. A strong believer in learner-led learning, Hemani has been working with school teachers to support their classroom interactions. She collaborates with them to find ways to be more effective as facilitators of student learning. She takes the coaching approach and has been using workshops to promote exploratory and inquiry-based learning.