News Verification Workshop

(SKILLS: Analytical (Critical) Thinking, Embracing Change, Judgement and decision making) 

What: A 3-hour a day workshop in partnership with Google News Initiative. This will skill children in understanding the News, the new digital landscape of news and its direct/indirect impact on us. 

Skills like decision making, Analysing information, research and data are what they learn as they get trained in these workshops.

Digital hygiene and social media ethics are also part of this program

Why: Misinformation and disinformation have become part of our lives and we end up making wrong decisions and are not able to analyse the information.

Who: This is for children starting from age 10 to 18 and beyond.  

Where: In the school/college computer lab  

When: Day and time to be decided by the School 

How: This is a practical session so after a small presentation we will practically make students verify the news. From pictures to videos, students will use various tools to do the verification.

Being on Camera and Public Speaking

(SKILLS: Emotional Intelligence, Technology Skills, Diversity and Cultural Intelligence)

What: This workshop is designed to skill the professionals with not only the techniques and styles involved in being on camera. But also works on their Creativity, Judgement and Decision-making skills.

In a two-day session, we open their minds for working with a different kind of technology, adapting to the changing environment and analyzing to find how they can perform best in each situation.

In this workshop, we work on your skill as an anchor/presenter, host of a show/ Public speaker or being on camera as a reporter in Broadcast or digital media. 

Where: We train you either in your college or at our facility.

Who: Students from the age group 15 to 17 and Students of Mass Media.

When: At a day and time that the institution decides

Why: As students of communication or as a user of various digital platforms this skill set will help you either in your job or will help you create your own platform. It will give you the confidence of looking good. 

How: Looks, writing, voice, studio, you experience and practically do everything. Professionals with years of experience in the industry guide you through the workshop.

Creative Writing and Responsible Content Creation

(SKILLS – Interpersonal Communication, Creativity, Diversity and Cultural Intelligence)

What: What is a story? What makes a story – fiction and news? How do you write it and how do you say it and how do you show it? All this is answered in this workshop. 

Who: Starting from 10 years of age this workshop is open for whoever wants to learn the art of storytelling.  

When:  40 days of Summer vacations in schools is a good time to do this workshop as this requires a regular thought process, discussion and practice. Colleges can do these at the beginning of their session. We can customise it for corporates. 

Where: At a location set by the institute with access to an open space 

Why: To help one think, express and communicate efficiently. Helps in improving the language skills tooHow: The sessions will include a lot of visual viewing, writing, reading, research, discussions in a systematic way. The skill to tell a story in all its formats from writing a book to visually telling a News or a Documentary story to writing Plays.

Communication and Listening

(SKILLS – Interpersonal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset & Leadership skills)

What: This workshop focuses on communication and listening together as they are interrelated. To communicate well you have to be a good listener first. Once we know how to listen then we learn how to express ourselves in a given situation. 

Who:  From age 10 to 30 anybody who needs to understand and communicate better can be this. 

When: Once in a week session – with a minimum of 8 sessions – at a time that suits the institute best. 

Where: At the premise of the organisation 

Why: Communication is the root of everything we do and have from work to relationship and a lot of us lack the skill to do that well, this workshop will help us sharpen our hidden skills. How:  This will be done as a series of sessions tailor-made as per the need of the organisation or the school.  Reading challenges to Gapshap sessions to Chai per charcha and film festival/ theatre/play are the routes we take to build these skills.

Building a Journalism Club

(SKILLS: All ten skills)

What: This is a club that will help an institute constantly train students with the latest skills. This club will create content that will help the school to promote itself. It will also have a section where students will learn about managing an event, dealing with technological change and the art of communication.  

When: This is a 6-month process as we intend to see the result of skills being imparted. 

Why: This club is essential for the new generation to sharpen the 10 future skills that every child will need.  

Who: Students from age 11 to 14

Where: At the school during regular school timing – Zero periods can be dedicated to this. 

How: We train the students to write, shoot and create content for various social media platforms and traditional platforms like print and TV. We create a Schools Newsletter and a TV/Youtube Show.

Financial Literacy

(SKILLS: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Technology, and Growth Mindset )

What: This will be a session where we will understand the goals, needs, and thoughts of children and help them align them with their financial goals or situations.

When: the Best time is the beginning of the session

Why: As the world is turning digital, there is lesser job security. If we learn how to manage finance we will be creatively free to work better

We as humans have to start practicing sustainable living if we want to survive and leave something for our future generations

With this knowledge in early life, the risk-taking capacity of a person increases learns to organise and plan better, becomes open to learning. 

Where: In the institute or School

How: It will be via small skit, Q & A, anecdotes and sharing of ideas.